Strategic Planning

Data and Analytics. Innovation and Insight. Listening and Conversing. Outcomes and Impacts.

Through hands-on strategic planning services, we align library service strategies with community needs, change the way the organization works to be able to deliver them and create actionable implementation steps that will make a difference in the life of your community.

Four Strategies

There are no two strategic planning processes that are the same (or should be the same). Each one is unique to the library that undertakes it. Here are four of our many strategic planning stories.

Milwaukee Public Library
Strategic planning to boldly move into the future.

Service strategies: Traditional reading and research services, 21st Century Literacies, technology and digital literacy, workforce development and business growth, community engagement and leadership, out-of-school learning for teens, and community as 3rd place.

First steps: Capacity building and staff alignment, development of citywide strategies, and prioritizing outlet service area projects.


Omaha Public Library
Strategic planning for a fresh start.

In collaboration with the lead firm Ideation Collaborative.

Two core service strategies: Nexus to create greater positive impact through community collaboration connecting and supporting local organizations addressing civic, social, and cultural issues; and Long Reach, serving more individuals and families in their lifestyles throughout lifestages.


Des Moines Public Library
Preparing for strategic planning

In collaboration with the lead firm The Ivy Group.

SnapShot report informs strategic planning with detailed demographic, marketing segmentation, socio-economic, and business trend data, and discusses their library service implications.

Des Moines

Denver Public Library
Strategic planning evolves service delivery.

Citywide service strategies: High checkout segments customer loyalty program, building daily-life mindshare, development of mobile apps and virtual services, growing up with out-of-school learning technologies, edge tech for all, and an early literacy initiative.

Outlet service area strategies tailored to local community conditions: Unique thematic statements, service domain priorities, implementation priorities, and action plans.


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