Solution Services

We develop solutions that reposition your library to have greater reach and relevance in your community, and to remain resilient in the face of change. Data and Analytics. Innovation and Insight. Listening and Conversing. Outcomes and Impacts.

Through hands-on services, we align library service strategies with community needs, change the way the organization works to be able to deliver them, and create actionable implementation steps that will make a difference in the life of your community.

Local engagement and marketing solutions

Community research and marketing services including:

  • Engagement: public forums, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and surveys (intercept, telephone, online, windshield)
  • Marketing: marketing plan and implementation follow up
  • Staff training
  • Brand plan

Organizational development solutions

Custom services to evolve your organizational culture including:

  • Organizational capacity
  • Staff skills development including communications, project management, engagement and career planning, risk and innovation, changing roles and responsibilities
  • Work process improvement including lean principles
  • Implementation support

Strategic planning solutions

Custom services including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Collective action planning
  • Community needs assessment
  • Usage and customer analytics

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