About CommunityConnect

CommunityConnect is a web-software solution that integrates data from your library with market segmentation, demographic, and other data so you can better understand your community, predict what people are interested in, and deliver relevant services to them.

Using CommunityConnect, our customers effectively execute cardholder development campaigns, make smarter collection development decisions, determine the need and find the best sites for new locations, plan programs and services, align staff to meet community needs, plan facility improvements, develop consumer technologies, and invest in effective marketing and communications campaigns.

“In these post-recession times it is more important than ever to ensure library resources are being utilized effectively and strategically. CommunityConnect helps libraries pinpoint precisely who to serve and how to serve them. This investment yields an immediate ROI in better attended programs, increased collection usage, more cardholders, and better use of library space. Our interactive map will give library staff a sample of how to use big data.”

—Marc Futterman