About BusinessDecision

How does BusinessDecision help you help your business customers connect with their customers?  This is the place to find out more.

BusinessDecision is a database, reporting, and mapping service.  With BusinessDecision, small businesses and entrepreneurs can find new customers, evaluate potential store locations, focus direct mail and media buys, evaluate business potential, and develop business marketing, and sales plans.

Business owners and entrepreneurs use BusinessDecision data to gain valuable insight into their markets, customer behaviors, and to support the planning process.  It is all about finding and keeping customers—that’s what makes a business successful.  That and mitigating risk with a strong business and marketing plan.

Why should your library subscribe to BusinessDecision?

“The library is impacting the potential for growth and making a significant contribution to the community’s economic sustainability.”

–Terry Zarsky, Pikes Peak Library District

BusinessDecision is integrated with mapping technologies to help your users visualize and analyze the data for their study area.

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