Other Features in the New CommunityConnect

December 14th, 2017

In previous posts here, here, and here, we introduced the new CommunityConnect core features.

In this post we want to mention some other important features:

  • Geocoding: CommunityConnect geocodes customer records to the household level. 
  • Noncustomer Marketing Data: CommunityConnect provides data on individuals and households for your library marketing purposes…more on this in a future post.
  • Library Data: our powerful databases accommodate a range of library data including customers, checkouts with ebooks and eaudiobooks, program attendance, summer reading participation, computer use, database use, and holds, among others.
  • Other Data: CommunityConnect includes a wide range of community data including demographic data, LandScape market segmentation data, consumer spending data, workplace data, market outlook data, and social indicator data (i.e., crime, social, and health)
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Data: For both state and local libraries, CommunityConnect enables libraries to see the mutual impact of neighboring jurisdictions…how does your jurisdiction impact your neighbors and vice versa.

A range of rich and exciting new features in the new CommunityConnect.


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