Insight: A Core Feature in the New CommunityConnect

October 9th, 2017

In a previous post we announced the launch of the new CommunityConnect. And, in another post we introduced one of our core features.

Now let’s talk about another core feature: Insights.

CommunityConnect presents robust Insights that answer questions about key issues facing your community. Insights cut to the chase with answers to specific and timely topics. CommunityConnect starts with one Insight: Grade Level Reading.

The Grade Level Reading Insight has three major elements:

  • Location Risk Index identifies locations by risk level of children for reading at grade level. The risk model is predictive, based upon state reading proficiency data and local demographic/socioeconomic data.
  • Collection and Usage Benchmarks are provided system-wide and by branch for the collection, checkouts, and customers. Benchmarks utilize a number of measures including Lexile scores.
  • Recommendations are provided including a collection development plan, customer development plan with marketing, and customer relationship building plan.

Get in touch to learn how Insights supports grade level reading.


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