Introducing LandScape market segmentation in the new CommunityConnect

September 15th, 2017

We’re excited to introduce the most robust market segmentation system in the country: LandScape by STI from Austin, TX.

LandScape is already helping our consulting service customer’s increase their reach, relevance, and resilience. To learn more, you can read about them here on our new Projects page.

Our new version of CommunityConnect integrates LandScape with a range of library usage statistics to provide in-depth knowledge and insights about how people are using and not using the library. In CommunityConnect we code every individual, household, and census block group in your library’s jurisdiction with one of LandScape’s 72 segments that are organized into 15 groups.

We’ve created extraordinary narrative descriptions of each segment and group.

Segment the sweet lifeSegment young families

Our library customers are successfully integrating market segmentation and library usage data in all sorts of exciting ways, to:

  • Reveal customer similarities and differences
  • Paint a picture of customers that inform organizational level decisions
  • Enable the library to manage a diverse and growing portfolio of customers
  • Understand the complexity of customer households
  • Predict community concerns and issues
  • Align strategies and resources
  • Improve how to tell your stories
  • Be a data-driven, evidence-based organization

Get in touch to find out how LandScape can increase your reach, relevance, and resilience.


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