Help is on the way!

September 23rd, 2017

Well, Support Center actually.

We’re adding a new Support Center (do we call it “help center” or “support center”? we decided on support center) to both CommunityConnect and BusinessDecision in the next month or so.

  • For CommunityConnect it will include an extensive knowledge base and email-based trouble ticket system.
  • For BusinessDecision it start with the email trouble ticket system and then we’ll add the knowledge base later.

For both products we’ll add telephone support later.

We’ll go live with the Support Center for both CommunityConnect and BusinessDecision by the end of September.

We went through a lengthy process reviewing and analyzing five different off-the-shelf (should really say “on-the-cloud”) help software systems. We narrowed our search down to two apps, and then made our selection based upon…wait for it…quality of service and robustness of their back-end to build our own look and feel.

We look forward to a better relationship with you — our clients: better communications, providing you with better self-service options, and for both of us better problem solving methods.

We’ll let you know when its up and running!

CC Support Center


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