Calling all data, calling all data

September 4th, 2017

The new CommunityConnect welcomes all of your library data.

Doesn’t matter the form, shape, size, or origin. Bring it over, we’ll get it integrated, and return to you amazing insights for decisions that improve your reach, relevance, and resilience. That’s what our hot new technology, cool display tools, and interactive dashboards will do for you.

All of your data in one place so your staff isn’t chasing it around. Wondering if a formula broke in an Excel table. Data organized for decisions, not disorganized data that’s a time and brain power suck for library staff.

DataDictionary Cover

In the new CommunityConnect we’ve expanded our capabilities to include any type of data your library collects: customer, ILS checkouts, electronic checkouts (yes, any source), program attendance, summer reading participation, in-library computer use, database use (yes, any database), and more.

And, this is where it gets really exciting — we’ll also include this data from your library:

1. Item data…collection development, here we come.

2. Social media data (opt-in, of course)…virtual services, here we come.

3. Noncustomer lists…marketing, here we come.

4. And holds…lower delivery costs, here we come.

Get in touch to learn more.


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