CIVICTechnologies Expands Strategy Development Capabilities

November 7th, 2014

Unique Success Planning Workshops help libraries move from planning to implementation with greater understanding.

CIVICTechnologies, the leading national provider of tools for libraries to become more customer driven by visualizing patron and usage data to align service strategies, announced today an expansion of its services to respond to the growth in libraries’ interest in merging market segmentation data with strategic planning. Multiple new CIVICTechnologies projects (see Highlights of Specific Projects below) build on CommunityConnect, a web-software solution that integrates library data with market segmentation, demographic, and other data to help public libraries knowledgeably allocate resources by predicting people’s needs and interests, neighborhood by neighborhood.

“The data organized in CommunityConnect is vital to the success of a library’s strategic plan,” said Marc Futterman, president and CEO of CIVICTechnologies. “Working with customers of different sizes and locations across the nation, we have developed a Success Planning model. Success Planning helps libraries achieve two objectives. First, it positions their strategic plan to result in a few simple but very powerful high-level themes that organize everything else under them, and second, it results in specific, actionable steps to implement library services that clearly address community needs.”

According to Futterman, the response to the Success Planning workshops he is conducting has been overwhelmingly positive. “We combine objective data with the passion librarians have for their communities. We show librarians a path through the data so that they can understand their community with greater depth. The result is confidence and renewed vitality, based upon knowledge, about the differences they can make.

“The results are rewarding,” Futterman continued. “One librarian said ‘Loved the hands on ability to learn the best way to use the information. I was totally surprised by our Library’s change in who we are servicing. Very eye opening! I would love to see more workshops like this! Thank you!!!!.’”

Futterman said the key to a successful plan is implementation. “If the path through the data used to prepare the strategic plan is done correctly, then the process models and puts into place with staff and stakeholders the ideas, data, enthusiasm, and energy that naturally flows to create actionable implementation steps.”

Highlights of Specific Projects

Virginia Beach Public Library (VA): The strategic plan will integrate market segmentation data with patron, checkout, and other library data. Topical issue papers will integrate state of the art thinking about public services, organizational development, technology, and 21st century literacies.

Huntsville Madison County Public Library (AL): The strategic plan will be done in three phases to meet their process requirements: 1) prepare analysis and strategy staging; 2) develop desired outcomes and strategies to reach them; and 3) obtain approvals and document results.

St. Joseph County Public Library (IN): An in-depth usage analysis will inform the Library’s preparation of its own strategic plan. The project will analyze who the library is serving and not serving, county wide and branch by branch, using market segmentation data integrated with data from the Library’s ILS.

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (NV): The community needs assessment (CNA) builds upon the Library’s use of CommunityConnect. The CNA utilizes Success Planning Workshops both at the district wide scale and for each of the library’s 24 outlet service areas. The CNA will serve as the basis for a services and facilities master plan to be undertaken by the Library in 2015.

Gail Borden Public Library District (IL): The strategic plan builds upon the Library’s use of CommunityConnect . The strategic plan will focus on service delivery including stakeholder interviews, library staff interviews, tailoring services to meet targeted segment needs, all within the context of the Library’s successful work with families and its Hispanic community.

Milwaukee Public Library: This recently completed strategic plan received board approval of a new mission statement, vision statement, outcomes statements, and workplace values; preparation of topic papers including library funding to assist the library to identify alternative funding sources and methods; and eight service strategies based upon an integrated analysis of market segmentation and library data. The next steps include capacity building and staff alignment, development of citywide strategies, and prioritizing outlet service area projects.

Denver Public Library: This recently completed strategic plan received board approval of a system-wide service framework that included several new outcomes; and specific implementation plans for each of the library’s 24 outlets, including three actions branch staff will implement in the first year. With two months of completion, the Library’s administrative team was reorganized to facilitate plan implementation.

Click here to download a PDF of this press release.


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