CIVICTechnologies Launches Robust Interactive Market Segmentation Map

July 8th, 2014

New web-based map lets public libraries zoom in on their service areas at no charge.

Marc Futterman, president and CEO of CIVICTechnologies, announced today the availability of an information-packed interactive map that gives libraries a powerful portrait of the unique demographics and market segments in their service areas. The map is available on the CIVICTechnologies web site and can be accessed at no charge.

“CIVICTechnologies has been working with public libraries for several years to develop and implement CommunityConnect, an interactive tool to help them visualize data and relate that data to library service,” said Futterman. “With today’s tight library budgets it is more critical than ever for libraries to make data-driven, customer-centric decisions. We developed this free—and fun—interactive map so libraries can drill down to the neighborhood level to understand their communities. With this information they are in a better position to make the right decisions across a range of service domains such as customer development, collections, programs, marketing, outreach, technology, and facilities.”

CIVICTechnologies created the interactive web map with 2010 Census data and market segmentation data. The map includes service area data for most US public libraries. “CommunityConnect customers have access to important data that is related to their patron data in very detailed ways,” Futterman explained. “With CommunityConnect they develop a deep understanding of all the market segments in their service area—whether that’s 15 segments or 45 segments. We wanted all public libraries for which we could obtain data to have at least some key information about their service areas with which to begin the process of relating services to demographics.”

The free interactive map gives any library access to a subset of useful information about three sample user types: adult learners, low income families with young children, and online customers, plus all market segments. Using the map, library staff can drill down and get data on their service area in just three clicks. The map helps librarians visualize the location of these three user types as well as all segments. Detailed 2010 Census data is available for each segment including population, age, income, race/ethnicity, and educational attainment, among others. Brief segment descriptions are available. The map allows staff to see where people in each segment live in extraordinary detail. Infographics and narrative text describe in easy to understand terms what the user is seeing.

“CIVIC is committed to helping libraries stay relevant in today’s information-rich world,” Futterman said. “Providing libraries with access to this rich information at no charge enables every library—large or small—to understand its community and begin the process of providing the right services based on who they serve and what they need.”

 Click here to download a PDF of this press release.


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