CIVICTechnologies and Nevada State Library and Archives Make Critical Community Data Available to Library Districts Statewide

July 1st, 2014

In-depth training workshops create road maps for applying data to meet community needs.

CIVICTechnologies, the leading national provider of market segmentation and community analysis data and interpretation solutions to libraries, today announced the successful implementation of CommunityConnect across the state of Nevada. Extensive training workshops in Carson City and North Las Vegas were held with library directors to kick-off implementation. Directors from libraries across the state serving urban and rural communities with large populations (over 400,000 people) and small (as few as 8,000 people) attended the training sessions.

Twenty public libraries in Nevada are implementing CommunityConnect under a three-year agreement with the Nevada State Library and Archives. Unique versions of CommunityConnect have been set up for the Cooperative Libraries Automated Network (CLAN), Douglas County Libraries, Washoe County Libraries, Henderson District Public Libraries, Boulder City Library, North Las Vegas Library District, Smoky Valley Library District, Pahrump Community Library, and Lyon County Library System.The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District implemented CommunityConnect to inform library decisions in 2011.

“We were attracted to CommunityConnect because we recognize the need for Nevada libraries to better understand their communities, predict what people are interested in, and deliver more relevant services,” said Daphne DeLeon, Division Administrator/State Librarian, Nevada State Library and Archives. “With CommunityConnect libraries can discover the truly underserved in their communities and can develop programs, collections, and facilities to deliver the services those people need and want. This results in a targeted approach that delivers higher quality service and maximizes human and financial resources.”

By combining market segmentation data with a library’s patron and checkout data, CommunityConnect helps libraries find new customers, increase services, address low literacy rates, compare service areas, and perform market research, among other features.

Unique to CommunityConnect is the Success Planning approach to staff training. “It’s not enough to deliver raw data to libraries,” said Marc Futterman, president and CEO of CIVICTechnologies. “The goal of our in-depth Success Planning training workshops is to ensure that all staff can use CommunityConnect software to understand the data, know how to analyze what they see, and can interpret the data to make it actionable. It’s not just about learning to use the software—it’s about strategy alignment: understanding and applying the knowledge learned to collection development, programming, facilities, staffing, or marketing and communications.”

Futterman continued, “In other words, our Success Planning approach helps library staff align service strategies with what the data is telling them. Then library staff can create a road map of where they are headed to serve the market segments they have selected to prioritize.”

The two-day intensive training walks staff through each service area’s data and maps including total population and customers; service area share of population, patrons, and checkouts; service area market share/market potential compared to jurisdiction; and a list of market segments and their respective population, patrons, and market share/potential.

According to Diane Baker, Library Consultant, Nevada State Library and Archives, library staff responded very enthusiastically to the CommunityConnect Success Planning training workshops. “The CommunityConnect training made the market segments come alive for each library outlet. Staff began to really focus on who they serve, where they live, what their community residents think about and worry about day-to-day, and how the library can deliver services meaningful to their lives. At the end of the day it’s all about setting segment priorities and matching them with library services. Libraries can’t be all things to all segments—we must prioritize based on understanding and analyzing our community data. CommunityConnect provides tremendous insights and the process to get us there.”

Futterman said the Success Planning workshop helps staff focus on findings and actions based upon facts. “Findings are what you make of the facts—of the raw data,” he said. “Interpretation is the key to moving forward to truly connect with your community.”

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