This is it. The future of libraries.

Your library. Your community. It’s all about spending money wisely on those things you know for certain your community wants. This happens when you dig deep to understand community needs at the local and neighborhood level and develop collections, programs, facilities and services to meet those needs. That’s why libraries of all sizes serving all types of communities choose CIVICTechnologies as their partner. We’re experts at using your data combined with our tools to help you connect with your customers, find more of them, and get them what they need and want. And, we’ll help your business customers find their customers, too.

CommunityConnect for you. BusinessDecision for your business community.

Your library. Your community. Your future.

How do you connect?


  • Understand

    Denver Public Library understands the service areas around each of their 24 outlets.

    Using an evidence based approach that combines Denver’s ILS data with CommunityConnect market segmentation data, they know who lives where and what their interests, needs, and concern are.

  • Predict

    Denver Public Library can pinpoint where to find new customers.

    And tailor collections development, programs, consumer technologies, and marketing and communications to meet the unique needs of people around each outlet.

  • Deliver

    Denver Public Library uses CommunityConnect data collected from neighborhoods to inform citywide strategies.

    They deliver more relevant services by aligning strategies with data.

    Actionable strategies aligned with data. Now that makes sense.

  • How do you connect?

    Imagine finding new customers, focusing services, aligning strategies, and making them actionable.

    All based on market segmentation data and your own ILS data.

    Denver Public Library connects.

    How do you connect?

  • Understand
  • Predict
  • Deliver
  • Connect

Start connecting with your community.


We’ll help your business customers connect with their customers.

With BusinessDecision, small businesses and entrepreneurs can find new customers, evaluate potential store locations, focus direct mail and media buys, evaluate business potential, and develop business marketing, and sales plans.

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The training schedule and registration information can be found on our training page. Contact us to schedule a customized training session for your library.


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